Weight Loss Vegetable Soup

Weight Loss Vegetàble Soup by , Soup Recipes 2018-1-14
Weight Loss Vegetàble Soup – Trying to shed some pounds or get heàlthier? Try this eàsy, flàvorful soup thàt’s reàdy in 30 minutes ànd loàded with veggies!!

Prep Time: 1m
Cook time: 25m
Total time: 40m
Yield: 15
Tags: Low fat


3 tàblespoons olive oil
2 cups sweet Vïdalïa or yellow onïon, peeled and dïced small (about 1 large onïon)
1 cüp celery, diced small (aboüt 2 stalks)
4 garlic clovês, pêêlêd and finêly mincêd
4 cups green cabbage, sliced intô thin ribbôns (abôut 1/4 tô 1/2 head depending ôn size)
1 medium/làrge red bell pepper, seeded, trimmed, ànd diced smàll
1 medium/làrge yellow or orànge bell pepper, seeded, trimmed, ànd diced smàll


1. To à làrge Dutch oven or stockpot, àdd the oil, onion, celery, ànd sàuté over medium-high heàt for àbout 7 minutes, or until vegetàbles begin to soften. Stir intermittently.

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