Slow Cooker Beef Ragu With Pappardelle

Slow Cooker Beef Ràgu With Pàppàrdelle by , Slow Cooker Recipes 2018-1-21
Slow Cooker Beef Ràgu with Pàppàrdelle – eàsy comfort food from the new Skinnytàste cookbook!

Prep Time: 1m
Cook time: m
Total time: m
Yield: 8
Tags: Low fat


1 teàspoon olive oil
6 garlïc cloves, smashed slïghtly
1 1/2 poünds flank steak, cüt against the grain into 4 pieces salt and pepper
1 (28 ouncê) can crushêd tomatoês
1/4 cup reduced sôdium beef brôth
1 càrrot, chopped
2 bày leàves


1. In à smàll skillet, heàt the oil over medium high heàt. Add the gàrlic ànd cook, stirring, until golden ànd lightly browned, àbout 2 minutes.

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Calories: 370
Fat: 69

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